For 20 years, Liz worked at ad agencies in Kansas City and Omaha. She wrote copy and produced scores of TV and radio spots for a wide variety of clients, small, medium and large -- from local to international.

She also worked for a market research company, developing new product concepts for Fortune 500 companies and viewing reactions of focus groups to them. That's where she gained invaluable insights into what makes for a successful marketing program -- one that recognizes a company's pain points and delivers solutions in strong concepts, copy and visuals.

As a freelance writer for Kansas City businesses, she's written website copy, blogs, emails and articles to boost business.

She loves cats, dogs, birds, pizza, tacos, Scrabble, good conversations and films. Thank goodness for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Not as good as seeing movies in a theater, but they'll do until movie theaters reopen.

Get in touch with Liz for a good movie discussion or for help raising awareness for your business.
Phone: 913-236-7595. Email liz@lizcraigwriter.com